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JPCam achieves technical first light

JPCam, installed last June at the Cassegrain focus of the 2.5m Javalambre Survey Telescope (JST250) of the Javalambre Astrophysical Observatory (OAJ), successfully achieved technical first light on the night of June...

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This 3D map of the cosmos, along with the largest and most complete inventory of objects ever collected, will allow a wide variety of science applications like seeing in exquisite detail the net of structures that holds the Universe together, uncovering how galaxies have evolved since the Big Bang, mapping the geography of the Milky way, discovering millions of quasars and thousands of supernovas...

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J-PAS Meeting

12th December - 15th December, 2022

Teruel, Spain

The last J-PAS Meeting, 18th Meeting, took place in December 2022 and it was in a hybrid format.

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