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The UPAD main storage and processing systems already deployed

2015-06-23 12:10
UPAD storage and processing systems

UPAD storage and processing systems

During the last months has been carried out the installation process of the main storage and processing systems for the UPAD/T250. The infrastructure has been provided and installed by the companies Bull España S.A. and Fujitsu Technologies Solutions S.A. These systems increase the already existing capabilities of the UPAD/T80 in order to deal with the huge amount of data produced by JPCam once the camera is installed at JST250 telescope.

The deployment of these main UPAD storage and processing systems has been finished by may 2015. The UPAD/T250 storage is divided in two main tiers. The disks system consists on a Netapp cluster with 8 nodes providing a net storage capacity of 1100 TB with dual parity protection. The second tier is a robotic tape library Spectra Logic T950 that provides with 4PB of additional storage. Both storage tiers are integrated by a HSM solution by CommVault. The storage cluster once connected with core network provides more than 5000MB/s aggregated bandwidth to feed the processing nodes. The UPAD core network consists in 5 virtual chassis, with a total of 10 Juniper switches that form the core stack, storage stack, and 3 ToR stacks in each of the processing server racks. The storage systems and core network solution has been designed and integrated by Bull España S.A.

The processing infrastructure consists on 17 Fujitsu Primergy servers, with a total of 408 cores. Each server has been dimensioned with a large 192GB RAM memory and a fast 4TB space. The data processing pipelines can be configured to efficiently make use of the RAM and the fast local scratch as data cache. Each server has four data 1GbE ports connected to the ToR stack.

With the deployment of these storage and processing systems the UPAD datacenter is prepared to archive and process the enormously amount of data produced by the OAJ wide FoV telescopes.